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Cannon GunSaver 12" Dehumidifier
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Keeping your guns secure is important, and your investment in the right safes for guns is integral in assuring that your firearms are organized and accessible. There are many brands and designs of safes for guns, and it’s important to think not only about your current selection of arms but also about your future plans to purchase additional guns. The sizing of such safes can be varied, and moving them around can be a chore. Once you have your safe in place, you aren’t going to want to have to repeat the process anytime soon. Investing in a good design from the outset is wise.

Cannon gun safes are crafted in a broad range of sizes, perfect for accommodating the gun enthusiast or the individual who just wants a couple of pieces for personal protection. You will find Cannon gun safes with the capacity to hold as many as 80 guns, though there are smaller sizes for those whose needs aren’t as extensive. Cannon safes include both electrical locks and dial devices. There are also wall vault designs available in Cannon safes.