You’re already going all-in for a gun safe to protect your firearms, precious home treasures, and other important items. Don’t you also need peace of mind knowing your belongings are safe from fire inside that safe? A fireproof gun safe from Fortress has what you’re looking for. Store up to 60 guns safely in a fireproof Fortress gun safe and never worry about it again! Safes for home valuables should all be as sturdy as Fortress products. You know you aren’t compromising with this brand. 

Or perhaps you don’t need to store 60 guns, or don’t need your safe to be fire-resistant for up to 60 minutes. Fortress has many options, including a 24-gun safe or a 45-gun safe, each fireproof for up to 40 minutes. Check out our many other fire and waterproof gun safes for even more options. 

When shopping for home security, you simply can’t compromise. Browse all Fortress gun safes now on