Mesa MSC2120C High Security Safe - Combination Lock

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All Steel Construction
High Strength Shelving  2 Hour Fire Rating up to 1830°F
High Strength Shelving  High strength adjustable & removable shelving
High Strength Fire-Rated Body  High Strength 2 5⁄8" thick body enclosing fire-resistant material
Advanced Electronic Lock  Advanced electronic lock. Protected by drill-resistant hardplate.
Heavy-Duty Dead Bolts  Heavy-duty dead bolts prevent door removal during forced entry attempt.
Heavy-Duty Steel Hinges  Heavy-duty steel hinges for added security. Also provides easy & smooth door operation
Decorative Chrome Handle  Decorative chrome 3-Spoke handle on chrome face plate
Heavy-Duty Door  Door has an overall thickness of 4" enclosing fire resistant material with a heat-activating seal
Solid Steel Bolts  Massive 1 ¼" diameter solid steel live locking bolts
Solid Steel Bolts  Pre-drilled anchor hole provided to secure safe to the floor.


Exterior: 22 1⁄2"H x 21 1⁄8"W x 21 5⁄8"D
Interior: 17 1⁄2"H x 16"W x 15"D

Additional Specifications:

Cubic Feet: 2.4
Weighs: 525 lbs
Shelves: 1

Electronic Lock Features:

Low battery warning   
Concealed emergency key system
Wrong code penalty   
Easily change your personal code
Lock activated by drill-resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system   
2 User codes available
Battery Operated [9V Battery Required; not included]


MESA's MSC series Burglary & Fire Composite Safes offer a unique design that combines all the security features of high security safes from burglary and the peace of mind achieved with a fire safe. These safes offer a two-hour fire rating that is tested under extreme temperatures of heat in a fire endurance test. After it has been tested to endure and withstand the extreme heat, all while keeping the contents inside safe and protected, it is then tested for impact.

The drop test consists of the high security safe dropped from a height of 30 feet and then reheated for another 45 minutes to ensure the finest quality, protection and strength. The MSC Series high security includes a battery operated electronic lock that is protected by a drill-resisstant plate to prevent removable and forced entry inside the safe. If combinations are entered several times incorrectly, the electronic lock will go into a lockout penalty mode to prevent any further combinations to be entered, frustrating the burglar.

The all-steel construction and heavy-duty build of the high security safes make it tough for any thief to steal. Each safe weighs over 350 pounds and can be anchored onto the floor for secure placement that adds even more security. These safes also come with thick one inch diameter solid steel deadbolt locks that drive deep inside the body of the safe. The live locking bolts prevent the high security door from being removed when attempting to pry open the safe. In addition, the heavy-duty hinges enhance the safe by providing extra security and smooth operation of the door. With the high strength interior shelving that could be removed and adjusted, provides storage convenience to make sure all your valuables fit perfectly inside.

22 1/2"H x 21 1/8"W x 21 5/8"D
551 lbs.
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