Rhino/Bighorn Medium Deluxe Door Organizer (50"H x 23"W)

Item Number: 1943
Product Dimensions: 50″H x 23″W
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Need more room? Need more space? In a hurry? Stay organized with our easy-to-install Velcro backed door organizers. Free up your safe for extra storage. Three sizes to choose from. *Shelf modification required.

Sizes: Large = 29.75″W x 50″H

Medium = 23″W x 50″H

Small = 17″W x 45″H

-Small Door Organizer, Velcro-backed (fits Bighorn models 19ECB, 6030EL, and Rhino Models R5627, R6030).

-Medium Door organizer, Velcro-backed (fits Bighorn models 36ECBand Rhino Models 5932XP, R6036 and R7236).

-Large Door organizer, Velcro-backed (fits Bighorn models 6039EL, 1744EL, and Rhino models 5942EXp and 7142XP).

50″H x 23″W

Bighorn models: 36ECB
Rhino Models: 5932XP, R6036 and R7236

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