Sports Afield SA-DIA4 90-Minute Diamond Series Home & Office Safe

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Packed with powerful protection against theft, fire, and water damage in a sleek design, the Sanctuary Diamond SA-DIA4 is an ideal solution for everything from passports to jewelry. Triple Seal technology creates a fortified barrier against fire, water, and smoke damage. The illuminated electronic lock is programmable to a custom code. It features a Timed Lockout Mode that temporarily deactivates the touchpad to stop thieves who attempt to tamper with the lock. For discrete access, enable the Silent Entry Mode to disable touchpad beeps. This safe has bright interior lighting for easy access in low-light conditions. This is a California Department of Justice safe approved for the secure storage of firearms. It is backed by our best-in-class Lifetime Warranty that covers the entire safe against theft, fire, natural flood, and defective locks, parts, and paint.

  • Fireproof for 90 minutes in temperatures up to 1800°F
  • Waterproof for 7-days in up to 17 in. of standing water when bolted down
  • Fully programmable and illuminated electronic lock and two Fail Safe override keys
  • Constructed out of industrial steel and has five 5mm steel locking plates - three active and two dead plates for robust security
  • Bright interior LED lighting for clear visibility in lowlight conditions
  • Optional Silent Entry Mode can be programmed to silent keypad beeps for discreet access
  • Fully carpeted interior, to protect the finish of valuables, with two height adjustable shelves, a pocket, and four key hooks mounted on the door
  • Approved by the California Department of Justice for secure firearm storage
  • Our best-in-class Lifetime Warranty covers the safe against theft, fire, natural flood, locks, parts, and paint


  • 29.5” x 18.5” x 19.5”
  • 134.5 lb.
  • 3.80 Cubic Feet interior volume
  • Fire Rated 90 min @ 1,800° F
  • Waterproof for 7 days up to handle
  • California DOJ Approved
  • Electronic Lock Face with Illuminated Touchpad


Free Shipping
29.5” x 18.5” x 19.5”
134.5 lbs