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Sports Afield gun and valuable safes are noted for having many models to choose from – and that’s for a good reason. This volume of products allows customers to decide for themselves which security level they need in their safes for home valuables and other precious items. Do you need only a 40-minute fireproof gun safe rather than a 60-minute one? Sports Afield has you covered, and for the right price difference. What if you need that 40-minute fireproof safe for 40 guns? 60 guns? 68 guns? You guessed it: Sports Afield makes those choices available to you. 

The same options apply to combination fire-resistant and waterproof safes, some of which can survive fire and water damage up to 75 minutes, a sure guarantor of your peace of mind should tragedy ever strike. With Sports Afield, you make all the decisions based on what you know you need. That’s real power. Explore all these products with Gun Safes Now.

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Sports Afield SA-RVS Lighting Handgun Vault
MSRP: $149.99
Sale Price: $78.95
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