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Quick Access Safes

While traditional gun safes are excellent at keeping your firearms safe and secure, their combination locks or key lock entry makes them slow to open. In a real emergency situation you may need to quickly access your gun. That’s why offers a variety of quick access gun safes to keep you and your family protected in an emergency.

With a quick access safe such as a biometric fingerprint gun safe, there is no need for keys or combinations just touch and go. No other locking method can offer the same combination of speed and security that biometrics does. This proven technology keeps your firearms secure and allows you quick access using only your finger prints, or in some cases a short key code plus fingerprint verification.

Our quick access safes are designed to be fast, quiet, and most of all practical. These safes can even be accessed in the dark due to their simplified interface. Browse our selection below for the best in quick access gun safes, and be sure your firearm is no more than seconds away.

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