ShotLock Handgun 200E Solo-Vault

Item Number: SL-HSV200E
Product Dimensions: 7.6"H x 11.4"L x 2.4"W
Product Weight: 7.5 lbs.
MSRP: $159.95
Sale Price: $125.95
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The ShotLock Handgun 200E Solo-Vault is the world's most secure Solo-Vault for home defense pistols and handguns. Constructed of military grade 14 gauge steel, the Handgun Solo-Vault 200 secures most pistols and handguns in a convenient location in your house, work location, or vehicle, making sure your firearm is close, secure and ready.E

The 200E Series lock is a unique 5 button, electronic programmable lock. It provides over 1.2 million combinations, and includes a battery backup kit, and a key override.

Features include:
- Secures full-framed handguns up to a 1911 size
- Carrying handle for portability
- Cable holes for locking cable (cable not provided)
- Military grade 14 gauge steel frame with dual internal locking points
- Key override
- Lock clutch system
- Mounts to any flat surface
- 2-year limited warranty
- Felt liner provides a gentle surface for your weapon to rest against

Exterior: 7.6"H x 11.4"L x 2.4"W

Interior: 7"H x 9"L x 2"W

Weight: 7.5 lbs.

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