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Maybe you’re covered for gun and ammo storage at home. You’ve got the fireproof gun safe, the vault and vault door, the gun safe organizers, and all the other accessories. But what about transporting your guns and ammo? You need to protect these valuables wherever you are, and you can’t assume that your firearms will be safe inside your vehicle just because you lock it. You afford more protection to these items in your home, so you need to do the same when you’re out and about. 

For that need, Gun Safes Now has an assortment of vehicle safes that are perfect for taking your guns and ammo on the go with you. The RAPiD Safe AR gun locker from Hornady will hold your AR-15 securely behind a solid vault wall. A trunk safe from SnapSafe will hold a rifle and multiple small arms on a padded surface under an electronic lock. Meanwhile, biometric rugged smart safes from Vaultek unlock your handguns in fractions of a second with the use of your fingerprint. 

So while you may have mastered the keeping of a gun and ammo storage safe at home, in the car is a different story. Order your vehicle gun safes today from Gun Safes Now.

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Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe
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