Browning LED Safe Lighting Kit

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One add-on you will appreciate, period. Easy to install kit using long lasting LEDs. Illuminates for easy locating of your guns and valuables. Perfect.

The LED Safe Lighting Kit is the best aftermarket lighting solution available today. The expandable, linear design places bright, long-lasting LED Lighting anywhere in the safe. A motion sensor turns on the lights when the door opens and automatically shuts them off when the door closes. Each kit comes complete with eight LED light tubes with fifteen LEDs per tube, mounting clips, A/C adapter and a motion sensor power module.


  • Eight Super Bright White Light Bars
  • Fifteen efficient LEDs in each light bar provide exceptionally bright lighting
  • LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of directional light output
  • Infrared Control Module
    • Infrared sensor picks up ambient light to activate the safe lighting
    • Safe lighting remains on as long as the door is open
  • Power Cable Extension
    • Adds additonal length to power the Infrared Control Module
  • Mounting Clips
    • Eight light bar mounting clips fit between the insulation on the walls and surrounding the door frame
  • Direct AC Power
    • AC adaptor (included) powers the light bars and easily passes through the accessory opening in the back of your safe
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